Pledge of Patronage

We, the undersigned, do hereby pledge our patronage to any pet store in Branford that follows a humane business model.


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Businesses can be successful without selling dogs, cats and rabbits.


The Concerned Animal Advocates of Branford (CAAB) supports local businesses. Therefore, we have developed a pledge of patronage. We promise to support and promote any local business that incorporates a humane business model.

Sign and support these businesses with your patronage.

It works.

Did you know that PetSmarts’ revenue has grown every single quarter during these tough economic times? Both PetSmart and Petco, the nation’s largest retail pet supply stores, both follow a humane business model and are proof that it works. In Connecticut, 45 petstores have taken the “puppy-friendly pledge,” which means that they refuse to sell puppies in their stores. Click here for a list of pet stores in Connecticut that have taken the “Puppy Friendly Pledge“; proof that pet stores in Connecticut can profit without selling puppy mill animals.

Want to help collect signatures? Download our pledge signature page, and start collecting today. Once you have collected 20-or-more signatures, scan and email the form to, or mail it to 133 Pawson Road, Branford, CT.